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What's New at JRE?

4/18/10 - Most of the JRE Crew was down in Georgia from Thursday-Sunday for Camaro5 fest.  It was a great weekend for the crew, our shop sponsored car owned by Don ran 10.61@130 mph. The car was one of the fastest Camaro's all weekend. Congrats to Don and the crew for doing a fabulous job this weekend.  We're looking forward to next year already. http://www.camaro5.com.

01/21/10 - Jannetty Racing has teamed up with Edelbrock, We are now a Master Distributor for Edelbrock Superchargers and Edelbrock Fuel Injection Parts. If interested please visit our store at http://www.jreperformanceparts.com or call 203-753-7223

10/05/09 -
Teddy Snowmobile Win!

8/21/09 - A Successful DragDay in the books. Even with the head winds people we're still able to crank off some great times. Duncan set a new personal best of 9.10 @ 152 mph, knocking on the door of 8's. Nick D also set a new personal best 11.62 @ 122, he drove it to the track getting 30 miles to the gallon and drove it home. All he did was swap tires at the track. Ted Jr. went 9.78 not making a full pass. Talk about a wheelie machine, check out the video on YouTube here. Also Nick Perazella went 12.52 @ 112 with his JRE Cobalt SS Turbo Conversion Kit! We would like to say Congrats to Ashley for running a 14.4@104 her first time out in her 2007 Mustang GT. Count down to the next Track day begins! :)

8/17/09- Our next DragDay is coming up Friday, September 18th, 2009. Tickets are on sale now!!! for more information visit the DragDay page, http://www.jannettyracing.com/dragday.shtml

5/26/09 - Lots of raves about DragDay this year, which is always good to hear. Our main goal is that people have fun and actually get to enjoy their cars, and it seems like everyone did. That makes all of us at Jannetty Racing happy. Anyway on to the good stuff. Little Teddy just keeps on going fast 9.75 @ 143.39, the scary part is he's still got more room to go. That's 3 hundredths of a second off the world record for MR2's. Eric Snow's 2006 Duramax went 12.25 on Nitrous and 12.50 on Fuel only, really wicked passes. Duncan also set a new personal best in his Mustang, 9.12 @ 153 mph, he is knocking on the door of an 8 second pass. Ted's daughter Brittni was cutting some wicked lights in her Cobalt, she ran 14.2@104, 3 mph faster than she has been before.

5/11/09 - What a turnout for Open House on Saturday. We had a count of 10 prior to the day, we we're pleasantly surprised with the turnout. Considering we had over 20 cars Dyno and a bunch of great people who enjoy the vehicles as much as we do. The highest Horsepower of the day went to Josh Michaels with his beautiful silver Z06, putting down over 500 wheel horsepower. The highest Torque went to Joe Nardelli with his 2006 Duramax, laying down over 800 ft/lbs of Torque! Wow! They both got prize bags valued at over 230 Dollars. We'll have to plan another one of these soon as long as people are interested :)

Also - For those of you with Vipers, and are interested in getting Dyno'd contact the viperclub.com. They will be having a Dyno Day here May 30th and it already sounds like it's going to be a blast.

4/07/09 - The Drag Day Tickets are now up for sale! Pricing is 100.00 Dollars just like last year. If your seriously thinking about going, I suggest signing up asap. We have a strict 80 car cap and once the tickets are gone - there gone. Also for all you Dodge owners.... We're now an authorized DiabloSport ChipMaster Revolution Tuner. This means we can custom a lot of Dodge vehicles from 98 and up. Contact Ted - tedj@jannettyracing.com for details

2/19/09- This year will mark our 5th year of holding Drag Days. Even in tough economic times, we still want to have fun and recogonize the fact that if your not having fun.... why are we working? So we'll be holding Drag Day this year on May 22nd. Run what ya' brung. If your sick of going to street night and making two passes. This is your time to go. We've had customers and employees make over 25 passes on their vehicles some years. We don't have any pricing info yet. As soon as the track tells us how much, we'll pass it right on to you. See everyone on the track.

9/22/08- Thanks to all yet again, We had quite a turnout for this Dragday. We would like to apologize to everyone, we did not the think the track would go over our head and sell tickets. The track had never done that to us before. It wasn't fair at all, but we simply didn't have any control over it. We can assure you that it will NOT happen again. But anyways a few congrats in order... Ted Jr.went a blistering 9.98 with a 1.40 60 ft @ 142 mph in his Toyota MR2 and the best part is, it still has more left in it. Also Congrats to Nick D, he went a 11.58@124 mph. We think that makes him the fastest SRT-4 in CT.

8/19/08- Tickets for Dragday are on Sale now!!! It will be Friday, September 19th, 2008. For more info: http://www.jannettyracing.com/dragday.shtml

5/27/08 - Another successful JRE Dragday occured on Friday! Plenty of fast cars came out for an awesome day of racing. There were some noteables that we remembered from the day that we felt were worth mentioning. First off, Congrats to Duncan for setting his new personal best of 9.15 @ 148! Jimmy Lakes freshly built 2007 Mustang GT Automatic went 11.2 @ 127 mph, great slip Jim! Also Ted's daughter Brittni drove her GM Stage 2 powered Cobalt SS to 14.2 @ 101,  Just wait until she gets more time behind the wheel..... The biggest thanks goes out to everyone who attended, without you, we wouldn't be able to have days like these!

11/26/07- JRE has added another top notch mechanic to the crew. "Turbo Tony" is well known for his very fast 4G63 Powered cars and we're glad to have him on board. For those of you who don't know Tony he has built some extremely fast 9 to10 second 4G3 Powered vehicles. Including a 4G63 Powered Hyundai Elantra.

10/29/07- The Shop turned out some impressive slips at J&M's Track Rental day Friday. Ted Jr. cranked out a best of 10.61@132.33 mph and backed it up with two 10.66 passes. Also Nick D keeps going faster in his Bolt-On SRT-4 with a 11.89 @ 120.00 mph. Jay's 94 Cobra featured on our front page also cranked out a 11.0 @ 120 mph

9/24/07-Another successful track day, Thanks yet again to everyone that attended! Some pretty interesting stuff went down this time. Little Ted's MR2 ran an 11.3@125 mph with a bad clutch,  Nick D set a new best in his SRT with a 12.0 @ 119 mph and Ted's daughter Brittni got her first taste of drag racing!

9/4/07- Little Ted ran the wagon at Lebanon Valley Dragway this weekend and recorded a new best time of a 11.12 @ 125 mph with a 1.67 60 ft', on pump gas and closed exhaust with drag radials. An incredible display for a 4800 lb station wagon :)

Chrysler DCX Software is here and we are now tuning the DCX vehicles. Intial applications will include 96-03 Chrysler/Dodge Rear Wheel Drive vehicles and the 04-05 SRT-4. This is great news Chrysler/Dodge owners as this is the first tuning solution to hit the market for these applications. All Dodge vehicles are tuned via the "DCX" Xcalibrator 2. We are selling the device + the PCM database license (required to tune the vehicle) for 649.00 as a package. Dyno time is not included in this package.

A Couple new exciting things at JRE. Let's start with Damian's 93 Cobra, he has set a new personal best at Lebanon Valley Dragway. Damian's Cobra clocked off a 9.51 at 143 mph. What makes this most impressive is that this car is in full street trim and is driven on the street. This Cobra is a blast! The other exciting news for those who haven't heard, Ted's Chevelle Wagon went 11.21 @ 124 with a smoking clutch and a hood flying off. Props to little Ted for staying calm and keeping the big beast moving'

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