Metco 2.50" LSA Supercharger Pulley for Gen 2 (2009-2015) Cadillac CTS-V & Gen 5 (2012-2015) Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

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Replace the original supercharger pulley on your ZL1 or CTS-V with this precision-made 2.50″ overdrive unit to make an additional 3.5-4.5 pounds of boost and more horsepower and torque.

This pulley is a one-piece unit that is CNC-machined from high grade steel. The center bore is sized for the appropriate interference fit and no pinning or drilling is necessary for installation. The finished pulley is powdercoated in a semi-gloss black for long lasting surface protection.

We recommend the installation of our idler pulley (listed elsewhere in this section) on applications using overdrive (smaller) supercharger pulleys.

Note: A shorter supercharger belt is necessary when this overdrive supercharger pulley is installed. The Gates or NAPA 080653 in the premium Greenstripe line, is recommended.