A&A Centrifugal Supercharger Systems for C6 (2005-2013) Chevrolet Corvette Base/GS/Z06

Regular price $5,950.00

The A&A Supercharger system for 2005 – 2013 C6 Corvette has evolved into the finest kit available.

With exclusive features such as our Ram Air Intercooler design, fully adjustable billet belt tensioner, our attention to airflow through both the intercooler and radiator, and our desire to build the best supercharger system on the planet, we have done just that.

We also know Corvette owners are discerning when it comes to under hood appearance. While engineering the performance side of this kit, we kept that in mind. Our system is as beautiful as it is powerful. Available in fully polished or satin black finishes.

Comes complete with Kenne Bell Boost A Pump and new fuel injectors.


Note: Dry sump requires High Capacity radiator with internal oil cooler.