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Why should I buy this over other systems?

Simple configuration, installation made easy with plug n' play PRO harness and great documentation
Reliable hardware designed in-house
Features (Basic mode fuel and ignition tuning 2D & Advanced 3D)
Built in 7 bar MAP sensor
Store up to 5 maps internally
System can be programmed to use any sensor (analog 0-5V w/ 1k pullup selection, frequency digital or digital switch)
Controls electronic throttle body with advanced strategy
Packed with race proven features (see below)
Download all new firmware updates online - FREE (including new features)
Accurate base map generation
USB certified connection (no need for a serial to USB adapter)
Real time dashboard and diagnostic panel through FT Manager Software
Real time programming through FT Manager Software
Hardware and Software features:

Fewer menus, better help screens, with advanced real time tuning features
- Real time trace on fuel and ignition tables (Fuel Table Overlay, Ignition Table Overlay)
- Configurable breakpoints on both axes, variable number of breakpoints up to 32 x 32 table size (higher resolution any where you want on RPM band)
- Helps with idle, spooling. Add extra cells wherever you need;
Ability to import any specific tables from previous tune-up (Tools->Import Tables)
True dual-table staged injection (not just “on/off”), each bank of injectors has its own dedicated fuel table for smooth AFR transitions
- Makes it easier to tune and able to get more passes from your race engine
Table Driven Per cylinder fuel trims (table for each cylinder/rpm and cylinder/MAP)
Drag Racing specific timer functions for power management
- Timed RPM limit from launch
- Driveshaft RPM timing retard/cut from launch
- Load existing log file for time based functions
Pro Nitrous features
- Control up to 6 stages
- Fuel and Timing by stage
- Individual fuel cylinder trim by stage
- Bottle pressure compensation
380 MIPS PowerPC cutting edge processor platform
Advanced ignition controls
- Distributor engines with or without crank trigger
- Smart Coilpacks (GM LS, Pantera, etc.)
- CDI ignitions (MSD, Jacobs, M&W, etc.)
- Multiple trigger patterns supported natively (no external adapters required)
- Intelligent trigger pattern decoding (noise reduction)
- Sync loss error reporting (eases debugging ignition problems)
Alcohol O2 sensor support (single or dual channel)
Interface w/ Racepak dataloggers
Canbus communication to other FuelTech products and available partners
Onboard datalogging
- Configurable sampling rate up to 200hz on all 128 channels
- Plenty of onboard memory for an entire race weekend
- Ability to start datalogging automatically by desired RPM (i.e. 5000rpm and above)
- No need to worry about turning off battery before retrieving data because data is saved internally, instantly
Advanced closed loop corrections
- Simple or Advanced PID-based tuning for accurate fuel corrections;
Per cylinder O2 display and logging
Product intended for off road race-only, ground vehicle use only. FuelTech is not responsible for any misuse of these products. Check with your local authorities regarding highway laws in your area.

Rotary and piston engine compatible (2, 3 and 4 rotors, 1 to 12cyl);
Distributor type and crank trigger ignition control
Idle speed control by step motor, timing, electronic throttle or solenoid valve
Features and maps developed to improve the engine control on several applications, providing better driveability and comfort. Example: prime pulse, after start enrichment, TPS or MAP compensations, idle controls integration, voltage compensation per bank, idle by TPS table, deceleracion fuel control
Electronic throttle control (Drive-by-wire)
13 input channels: 2 fixed channels (RPM and cam sensor) and 11 fully configurable (IAT, ECT, oil and fuel pressure, O2 sensor, TPS, electronic pedal – 2 channels, electronic throttle, A/C, two-step, exhaust backpressure, suspension travel sensor, exhaust gas temperature (requires FuelTech ETM-1), fuel tank level, etc.)
Differential input for RPM sensor
Up to 8 injectors output that control up to 32 saturated injectors. If needed, it’s possible to setup up to 20 injector outputs using a FuelTech Peak and Hold driver
Up to 20 auxiliary outputs (fuel pump, fan, variable camshaft, A/C, etc.)
Built-in MAP Sensor (7 bar / 103 psi - absolute)
5 internal memory files
Boost control by RPM through N75 valve
Progressive nitrous injection (wet/dry)
Password protection
Plug and Play connection to FuelTech Racepak IQ3 Dashboard using integrated CAN port (requires Racepak Universal Interface Module and Racepak CAN Cable for FuelTech ECUs)
Active traction control using FuelTech GearController (sold separately
Map backups on PC
Firmware update over the internet
Engine protection through configurable alerts
Time based rev limiter
ECU Language according to your purchase region (no future language change is possible)

Product FT500LITE EFI: 141mm x 82mm x 33mm / 5.51” x 3.22” x 1.29”

Product FT550 EFI: 2lbs 1oz

1 year
1 FT500LITE EFI System
1 Operation and installation guide
1 Smart Clip Bracket & Hardware
1 Mini USB Cable
1 Nylon Hose for MAP Sensor
1 10ft FT500LITE unterminated harness (optional)
1 FuelTech FT500 exclusive badge
1 USB flash drive (containing the FTManager softwares and guides)
1 Promotional kit (including a pen, a keychain and a sticker kit)