GESI G-Sport Ultra High Output Catalytic Converters 3" 550-850HP


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GESI G-Sport Ultra High Output Catalytic Converters 3" 550-850HP

Priced per cat.

Ultra high quality and high performance catalytic converters - no compromise!

Our Core process begins with quality 304 Stainless Steel foil that is rolled to form our unique triangle cell design. Each cell is constructed to an exacting dimension that balances exhaust flow, with effective emissions conversion. We achieve strength, and durability in our core by lining each layer of foil with a nickel strip, and furnace brazing the entire assembly together to its mantel. Our construction process ensures that every G-Sport Catalytic Converter is capable of handling the flow produced by today’s high horsepower applications.

All G-Sport catalytic converters feature our proprietary wash coat that is designed to form a strong molecular bond with metallic surfaces. Confidently choose G-Sport knowing that your converter’s coatings are durable enough to withstand the high temperatures flowing through high performance exhaust systems.

In-house canning processes ensure that our entire solution is ready for use by our manufacturing partners, and performance enthusiasts. Our Double-Lock technology ensures that the catalytic core and mantle are fused together, and ready for integration into your high performance exhaust system.

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