JRE "Terminator" Camshaft Package for LT4-Powered Cars

Regular price $2,598.99

Our famed "Terminator" Camshaft package featured in many of our LT4-powered builds is finally up for grabs! 

The package includes:
Our Custom Grind, Rough Idle "Terminator" Camshaft for the LT4
3/8" Pushrods
Dual Valve Springs Titanium Retainers, Spring Seats, Locks and seals
DOD Delete Kit
Phase Limiter Kit INCLUDING TOOL
Head Gaskets
Water Pump Gaskets
LS Front Crank Seal
ARP Crank Bolt
High pressure pump gasket
GM exhaust manifold gaskets
Camshaft bolt
GM lifters
GM lifter guides
ARP head bolts

Please Note - Picture is not indicative of grind finish, we have removed the cam specs from the image.