About Us - Jannetty Racing Enterprises Inc. Waterbury, CT

Ted Jannetty was born August 22nd 1964 to Theodore and Jaqueline Jannetty. Jackie’s Dad, Verdi Osborne proud Grandfather and Tool Maker by trade, took him under his wing and taught him values that he carries till this day. If it breaks find a way to repair it but at the same time make it better using raw materials, your hands, and your mind. Verdi taught him nothing is just good enough. This created a very strong bond from Grandfather to Grandson. For Ted life growing up every Sunday was spent with Grandpa in the garage. It was a very small home built machine shop/wood shop but efficient, organized this is where Grandpa made almost every tool in the shop and every part for his Lawn equipment, Go Cart, Mini bike, Snowmobiles etc.

Although Ted was not great at grade school, put a wrench and screw driver in his hands and watch him go. Tinkering in the garage with Grandpa had its advantages.

At Age 13, Ted Started a lawnmower repair business. Ted was also buying, fixing, and selling mini bikes, motorcycles, go carts. Ted was also mowing lawns, painting houses, trimming hedges and anything he else he could do with his hands to make a few dollars so he could afford the toys that his parents could not provide.

Attending Wolcott High school Ted took every shop class available to earn credits to get through High School. Ted aced all the shop classes Woods, Metals, Industrial Arts, Automotive, Auto body, even Photography and Drafting. As long as Ted was interested he did extremely well, and graduated a B student.

After attending Wolcott High School Ted moved on to Porter and Chester Institute for Automotive and Diesel Technology for further education. Ted graduated with top honors, all the while working at a radiator shop and a tire shop doing repairs.

After finishing Porter and Chester Institute Ted got a job at Loehmann Blasius Chevrolet in Waterbury, CT. which is right around the corner from JRE current location. Ted started as a Line Tech while also attending GM Tech Center Training School to learn the up and coming Electronic Ignitions and EFI, Automatic transmissions and Corvette Technology. Ted quickly climbed the ladder to Master Technician status and making a pretty decent living.

This job allowed Ted to build his first real drag car at age 19, a 1972 Nova Small Block Automatic that he built on a very tight budget, but was able to achieve an 11.4 ET @ 118 MPH in 1985 along with a lot of street racing wins.

Ted Jannetty became tired and bored of being a dealership Mechanic. Ted’s true passion came from working on him and his friend’s hot rods in his spare time. So in 1986, Ted took his dream and a 10,000.00 dollar loan co-signed by Dad and made that dream into a reality when he opened Jannetty Racing Enterprises Inc., A Real Full service Speed Shop that would push the boundaries of his talent.

Jannetty Racing Enterprises was established in 1986 and has been servicing the automotive performance market for over 36 years. Ted Jannetty is an avid Drag Racer as well as a Master Automotive Mechanic, Fabricator, and Tuning Specialist with over 40 years of experience. It is a fact, that Ted’s ingenuity and attention to detail has had people bring their vehicles to Jannetty Racing from all over the country! It is not uncommon for a customer to drive 1300 miles up from Florida or have vehicles shipped in from all over to have Ted and his crew work magic on their vehicle. It is this precision, customer service, and attention to detail that has kept customers satisfied and coming back.

Every market Ted has entered has made JRE grow stronger and offered customer’s unmatched performance and quality, whether it is GM, Ford or Chrysler JRE has you covered.

Recently Ted has had a substantial influence in development of Performance Parts and Packages for the Generation 5 Camaro and ZL1. Also in January of 2010, Ted created his remote custom tuning program for late model vehicles allowing customers to have their car tuned from anywhere on the globe. From California to England to Dubai customers have called and e-mailed from all over the world to have their vehicle tuned. In April of 2010, JRE made a statement and put a 2010 Camaro LS3 in the Mid 10’s and on the pages of GM High Tech Performance’s August 2010 Issue. In October of 2012, Ted and Team Jannetty Racing built a 2013 Camaro for the SEMA show in collaboration with Rick Bottom Designs that earned a GM Design Award.

Whether it is a Street Rod, Classic Muscle Car, or New Age Muscle Car, JRE should be your first choice.

We strive to earn continued confidence in all our customers. Call or stop by and see what Jannetty Racing Enterprises can do for you.