Jannetty Racing Super Tensioner Instructions



Your new JRE Super Tensioner will come fully assembled in the box. Remove the tensioner assembly from the bracket. After moving any harnesses/accessories in the way, use the bolts held by the bracket to attach the Base to the Engine.



After properly fastening the bracket for the Super Tensioner, Follow the pictures below in order to ensure you are using the correct bolt mounting positions for the tensioner arm.



Final Step - Adjustment: For MOST Applications, you ideally want to target for the tensioner (marked YELLOW below) to be in the pictured GREEN zone when the belt is stationary. This equates to about 3/4 of the tensioner's total available travel. You also want to avoid having the tensioner travel maxed out and hitting the secondary stop in the GREEN zone. Belt issues will occur if this step is ignored, either slippage or thrown/torn belts are common if the tensioner is not tight enough.