JRE - JMS Fuel System Voltage Booster Instructions for Gen 6 (2016-Present) Camaro SS/ZL1

Thank you for pucrhcasing the JMS "Fuel Pump Voltage Booster". Please carefully read the instructions that follow in order to ensure that your installation is completed simply, safely, and correctly.
Step 1 – Preparation and Disassembly
A. Start by locating the battery in the trunk of the car, behind the passenger side rear compartment. Disconnnect the negative battery cable from the terminal.
B. Remove the Center trunk carpet and the push pins on the left side of the liner.
C. Remove the rear fuse box cover and locate fuse F35. Remove and replace this with the provided 30A fuse, and put the cover back on.
Step 2 – Setup and Wiring
This step is dependent on the trim level of your Camaro. On the LT1 Camaro SS, the FPCM is mounted on the inside left area of the trunk, facing upright. For ZL1 and ZL1/1LE cars, the FPCM is located just above the left axle. Determining how to route the wires is crucial to the setup of the JMS, and will determine where you mount the JMS as well.
A. After finding your car's FPCM, disconnect the harness and locate the heavy Red/Purple wire.
B. Cut the wire about 1" from the harness. Connect the heavy White wire from the JMS to the Red/Purple wire on the connector for the FPCM.
C. Connect the heavy Red wire from the JMS to the remaining red wire on the factory FPCM connector.
D. Connect the Black wire from the JMS to a suitable ground location on the chassis.
E. Remove the drive side sill plate/rocker panel cover. Connect the provided JMS T- Harness to the gas pedal. Route the Gas Pedal harness from the JMS, through the rocker sill plate, the carpet alongside the rocker, and over to the T-Harness, and then connect them.
Step 3 - Wiring (ctd.)
A. Using the provided picture, match the 5 dip-switch settings we have to your unit. Grab your DVOM (Voltage Meter, Multimeter, etc.) and start by attaching the positive (Red) probe to the heavy White wire at the JMS. Take your negative (Black) probe and connect it to the JMS' black wire.

B. Reattach the negative (and positive, if you removed it) Battery Cable. Start the car and let it idle for about 1 minute until the system's voltage stabilizes.
C. Temporarily connect the Grey and Black wires on the gas pedal harness. Determine the voltage with the wires connected, and if necessary, adjust the output voltage dial to between 17.30-17.37. Once that is complete, shut the car off. Disconnect the Grey and Black wires.
D. With the Black and Grey wires disconnected, turn the key to the Ignition (Run) Position but DO NOT START THE VEHICLE. Apply the gas pedal to between 1/2 to 3/4, holding the pedal in that position. While holding the throttle, adjust the input voltage dial on the JMS until you see the voltage increase. Once that is done, move the #1 dip switch off, then check that your setting is valid. With the key still in the Ignition (Run) Position, sweep the pedal and watch the voltage meter to verify the voltage increases with throttle percentage.
Your configuration is now complete! Installation is almost complete, the final step is to ensure your wiring is secured in place and to re-install the trunk liner and carpet, and reinstall the sill plate for the door. Enjoy your JMS Voltage Booster!

-The Jannetty Racing Team