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Jannetty Racing's High Performance Laser Alignment Machine

Here at Jannetty Racing, we have access to an incredible weapon in our arsenal of tools - a Hunter 511 4-wheel Laser Alignment Computer. Whether you're looking for an alignment for your race car, street car, truck, or anything else with 4 wheels, we've got you covered. Our Alignment Specialist Tony Cretella has been doing performance alignments for over 30 years now, and there isn't a performance alignment that he can't perfect. We strive to give you the most accurate and precise performance alignments possible, whether you're going to the strip, the track, or road racing, we can help.

We also offer chassis scaling upon request.

Jannetty Racing Ent, Inc.
Alignment Machine Pricing

We bill alignments at 155.00 per hour. We do not flat rate performance alignments due to the fact that certain vehicles require more time then others to get properly aligned.