JRE - JMS Fuel System Voltage Booster Instructions for Gen 5 (2010-2015) Camaro SS/ZL1

JMS Fuel System Voltage Booster Instructions for Gen 5 Chevrolet Camaro SS/ZL1

Step 1 - Preparation and Disassembly

A. Remove both the Driver and Passenger Door Sill Plates (Kick Panel Covers)

B. Remove the Upper and Lower Rear Seat Sections

C. Remove the Rear Panel, Carpeting, and Spare Tire Cover in the Trunk

D. Disconnect the Negative Battery Cable, and position it in a way that it will not accidentally contact the battery post

E. Remove the passenger side rear interior trim panel, granting access to the FPCM. (If you are planning to remove the factory FPCM and replace it with a modified/programmed one, do so now


Step 2 - Setup and Wiring

A. Replace the Factory fuse for the FPCM with the provided 30 Amp Fuse (located in the trunk)

B. Disconnect the FPCM's harness. Find the heavy Red wire with the White Tracer, and cut it about 1" from the connector

C. Mount the JMS upside-down on the bottom side of the speaker tray (for the right- rear speaker)

D. Run the Red and White wires from the JMS TOWARDS the factory FPCM connector


Step 3 - Wiring (ctd.) NOTE: Crimp connectors are provided for the wiring in these steps

A. Connect the JMS White wire to the OEM Connector's Heavy Red wire w/ White tracer

B. Connect the JMS Red wire to the remaining Cut wire from the OEM Harness

C. Connect the JMS Black wire to a nearby ground source

D. Connect the Provided Gas Pedal Harness to the JMS.

E. Route the loom for the harness down and over towards the sill plate area. It must reach the Gas Pedal, but do not connect it yet.

F. Connect the Provided JMS T-Harness to the Gas Pedal, and then connect the harness from the last step to the T-Harness.

G. Leave the Grey and Black wires accessible for the calibration step.

Step 4 - Setup and Configuration.

A. Follow the provided Picture to properly configure the dip-switch selection on the JMS.

B. Take your DVOM (Multimeter, Voltage Meter, etc.). Attach the Red (Positive) Probe to the Heavy White wire at the JMS. Take the Black (Negative) Probe and connect it to the Black wire at the JMS.

C. Re-Attach your Negative (and positive, if you removed it) Battery Cable to the terminal.

D. Start the car and let it idle for about 1 minute until the voltage stabilizes.

E. Connect the Grey and Black wires on the Gas Pedal Harness. Watch the voltage on your Multimeter.

F. Adjust the output voltage until your Multimeter read between 17.30 - 17.37 Volts.

G. Shut the car off and disconnect the Grey and Black wires.

Step 5 - Configuration (ctd.)

A. Put the key in the Run (Ignition) Position.

B. Apply the gas pedal to between 1/2 and 3/4. Hold the pedal in that position.

C. Begin adjusting the input voltage dial on the JMS until you see a voltage increase on the Multimeter.

D. After finishing the last step. turn the #1 dial off to check that your setting is correct. a. With the key still in the Run position, sweep the pedal and watch the Multimeter to verify the voltage increases with pedal percentage.

Your installation and configuration are now complete. Secure all of the wiring and reinstall the interior trim pieces and trunk trim pieces. Enjoy your JMS Voltage Booster!

-The Jannetty Racing Team