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Jannetty Racing's Custom and Remote Tuning Services


With over 40 Years of Vehicle Tuning experience, Ted Jannetty has become one of the most Highly Respected Calibrations Specialists in the world.

Here at Jannetty Racing, we pride ourselves in being ready to deliver you the most calculated and well-rounded calibration possible for your vehicle. Whether your car came of the showroom floor in the 1970s or yesterday, we are prepared to tune it to it's fullest potential.

We offer both On-Site Dyno Tuning as well as full Remote-Tuning Packages, both of which have been perfected in order to ensure that your car runs in top top shape no matter the circumstance.

Jannetty Racing
 Dyno Tuning Prices

If you have a vehicle using Forced Induction, you will need Boost/Fuel Pressure/Wideband Air/Fuel. Pricing is as follows:

  • 275.00 per hour this includes Boost/Fuel Pressure/Wideband 


If you have a Naturally Aspirated Vehicle, you will need Fuel Pressure/Wideband. Pricing is as Follows

  • 275.00 per hour this includes Fuel Pressure/Wideband

Any additional sensors you wish to have connected to the car and dyno will be an extra $10/hr for setup and datalogging. We also offer tuning for vehicles with carburetors, if your vehicles isn't fuel-injected.

Remote Tuning services and Packages can be found in the Tuning Services Menu item on the website's home page. We work with multiple different Tuner manufacturers - HP Tuners, SCT, and Diablo, to name a few - in order to fit your exact wants and needs.