EPA Compliance Policies

Jannetty Racing Enterprises is an Emissions Compliant Speed Shop. We abide by regulations set by the EPA’s Clean Air Act in regards to tuning or modifying non-emissions compliant vehicles. We will NOT tune or modify any vehicle in a manner that renders Emissions Equipment non-functional, or remove software functions that are dependent on emissions equipment. Regardless of Local or State Statute, the EPA’s Clean Air act Federally mandates us to maintain the Emissions Compliance of every vehicle that we tune or modify. We will NOT Remove OR Tune to accommodate for vehicles that have any emissions-related components removed, including but not limited to;

Catalytic Converters (Removed, Hollowed Out, etc).

EGR Systems (Deleted, Bypassed, etc.)

Secondary Air Injection Systems (Deleted, Bypassed, etc.)


Due to emissions regulations, many of the products on this page are not available for us to ship or sell to customers located in California due to CARB regulations. Specific CARB legality can be viewed per-part on the manufacturer's website. We are an EPA Compliant shop, and we do not sell Emissions Defeat Devices, Emissions "Deleted Equipment", and we will not tune ANY vehicle to accommodate for modifications that negate emissions-related equipment. Regardless of your local state regulations on whether or not (defined by age or other vehicle classification) your car is exempt from emissions, we will not provide remote or dyno tuning to non-emissions compliant vehicles unless they were not equipped with catalytic converters from the factory. 

A Short Summary of the EPA's Clean Air Act;
EPA, through its direct implementation authority, can play a critical role in addressing these important pollutant sources. Title II of the Clean Air Act (CAA) authorizes the EPA to set standards applicable to emissions from a variety of vehicles and engines. Required emission controls often include filters and catalysts installed in the vehicle’s or engine’s exhaust system, as well as calibrations that manage fueling strategy and other operations in the engine itself. The CAA prohibits tampering with emissions controls, as well as manufacturing, selling, and installing aftermarket devices intended to defeat those controls.

The EPA has found numerous companies and individuals that have manufactured and sold both hardware and software specifically designed to defeat required emissions controls on vehicles and engines used on public roads as well as on nonroad vehicles and engines. Illegally-modified vehicles and engines contribute substantial excess pollution that harms public health and impedes efforts by the EPA, tribes, states, and local agencies to plan for and attain air quality standards.