Sales and Installation of Performance Automotive Accessories


Here at Jannetty Racing Enterprises Inc., we Pride ourselves in being able to deliver you not only the best selection of parts for your vehicle, but also the experience needed to install a wide variety of specialty parts to your vehicle. Our Sales Team Members are specialized in being able to accommodate for your Wants and Needs for your car to get you custom estimates for Packages, Parts, Labor, and anything in-between. Our experienced Shop Technicians are well versed in a wide-variety of tooling in order to make sure any installation process - whether custom or bolt-up - is completed to perfection. Our team is ready to tackle a wide variety of product selection, including but not limited to;

-Custom Fuel Systems

-Custom Exhaust Systems

-Forced Induction (Turbocharger/Supercharger) Systems

-Suspension and Chassis Modification

-Custom-Fit Applications for a Variety of Parts

-Engine Swaps

-Customizable Performance Packages

-Custom Tuning Services