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JLT Cold Air Intake Kit for S-550 (2018-Present) Ford Mustang 5.0L

JLT Cold Air Intake Kit for S-550 (2018-Present) Ford Mustang 5.0L

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JLT Performance Cold Air Intakes with Snap-In Lid

The JLT Performance cold air intakes with snap-in lid give you the best of both worlds! Engineered to minimize air restriction and improve airflow, JLT's cold air intake with a snap-in lid is designed with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat—while not requiring a tuner or any special tuning. The patented snap-in lid design requires no screws to secure it to the box making installation and inspection quick and easy. Available with a signature large clear lid, and a high-flow vented style, they provide a protective seal against unwanted, power-robbing engine heat and debris. A high-quality reusable cotton element air filter offers improved performance and engine protection. Premium silicone rubber is used on the coupler and lid seal to last longer and handles high-temps. Order the model to fit your vehicle application.

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