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JRE Edelbrock Fuel Rail Upgrade for C6 (2008-2013) Chevrolet Corvette w/ LS3 (DOES NOT INCLUDE RAILS)

JRE Edelbrock Fuel Rail Upgrade for C6 (2008-2013) Chevrolet Corvette w/ LS3 (DOES NOT INCLUDE RAILS)

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For all you Horsepower Junkies who are looking for more power than what the base Edelbrock system provides, we offer a fuel system upgrade to further improve an already great system.

While doing a 415 Stroker build on a car already equipped with an Edelbrock supercharger we were looking things over on Reassembly.

Looking at the fuel rails, (The Proverbial Light Bulb went on).

I have designed and built thousands of fuel systems over the last 30 years .

Looking at the fuel rails we discovered that the Passenger side Rear of the fuel rail is where the Feed is located, all of the fuel has to pass by all 4 injectors, then across the front of the engine then down the Drivers side Rail.

This pretty much Leaves Cylinders 5-7 Dead last to get fuel, in Higher than delivered HP applications this could be a concern.

There are a lot of Dynamics going on inside the fuel rails, every time a single injector opens is sends a shock wave back through the fuel, like throwing a rock in a Pond.

Also as the fuel is passing by injectors it is losing Pressure.

The Solution is the JRE Edelbrock Fuel system upgrade kit.

What it does, is Move the feed to the BACK of Both Rails and leaves the crossover in the front alone.

Now Both Rails will be fed evenly with fuel, and Cylinders 5-7 will be much Safer, again at Higher than delivered HP levels.

Even the Factory Rails are Fed From the Center to make fuel supply as even as possible to all injectors.

Also, the Injectors supplied with the Edelbrock are 52 lb hr.

We Recommend this upgrade along with 65 lb hr. injectors for anything over 550 RWHP.

Anyone with an Edelbrock Supercharger Looking to Make More Power should contact me for this fuel system Upgrade Kit.
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