JRE Super Tensioner for Magnacharger, Kenne Bell, SLP for Gen 5 (2010-2015) Chevrolet Camaro SS

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We along with many shops and Hobbiests alike have struggled with belt slippage with the Magnacharger, Kenne Bell, SLP when turning up the boost.The Factory tensioneris Just Not Up to the Task.

A: it does not have enough Travel to take up the slack under boost.

B: it does not have enough tension to eliminate slippage.

Think of the Belt as a big Rubber Band, when you put load on it, it stretches and you must take up that extra length, and maintain tension to eliminate slippage.

Our JRE Super Tensioner Solves this problem for Good.

It both has Twice the Tension and Twice the Travel.

It comes with an 8 Rib double bearing pulley so it will work with both 6 and 8 rib systems.