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Magnuson Superchargers Overdrive COG Set - REAR

Magnuson Superchargers Overdrive COG Set - REAR

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Gen 5 (2010-2015) Camaro fuel rail mod
Overdrive COG pulley set for Magnuson Superchargers TVS1900 and TVS2300. Note this will fit the “jack shaft” Style systems ONLY. By changing to the COG drive set up with the overdrive ratio you will add up to 3.5 psi of boost if changing from 1:1, and 7 psi if changing from underdrive., this will require you to re-calibrate your PCM for proper fueling.

Parts included:

(1) 30mm 30 tooth pulley with sheeves
(1) 30mm 36 tooth pulley
(1) COG Belt
(8) M6 Bolts
(1) Tube of Loctite 242

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