JRE Rear End Upgrade for Gen 5 (2010-2015) Chevrolet Camaro SS V8

Regular price $2,820.00

This package includes all of our Popular 2010-2015 Camaro Rear End Upgrades installed by one of Jannetty Racing’s Performance Technicians.

These differentials are expertly hand-assembled at Jannetty Racing using an entire set of brand new, built-to-last internal components. All of our differentials are assembled using Brand new Eaton True-Trac Posi Units, Billet Rear End Housing Caps, a new differential rear cover gasket, Gear Install Kit, and your choice of ring and pinion gear ratios. 

No Core Charge - You are shipping your differential to us TO BE BUILT

Core Charge - You are sending your old differential back to us after purchase

***Speedometer calibration is required*** This can be done with the purchase of one of our popular Remote Tuning Packages (HP Tuners, SCT, or Diablo).

 Rated at 650 RWHP on Manual cars, and 900 RWHP on Automatic cars.