Tick Performance Braided Stainless Steel Clutch Line for Gen 5 (2010-2015) Chevrolet Camaro SS

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The 2010+ V8 Camaro suffers from the same hydraulic problems as all GM High Performance vehicles: the stock master cylinder just doesn’t flow enough fluid to fully disengage the clutch. Especially not an aftermarket clutch! Unfortunately, there is no way to cure the problem on these cars with an Adjustable Master Cylinder as we have on other applications. Since we can’t increase fluid volume with the master cylinder, our only option is to eliminate all the possible restrictions in the hydraulic system, as well as do all we can to keep the fluid as cool as possible. How? With our Tick Performance Stainless Braided Clutch Line.

The best solution we offer for the 2010+ V8 Camaro is our full length, stainless braided clutch line that connects your master cylinder to your slave cylinder. This line replaces the metal & rubber line, eliminating any chance of fluid being restricted or otherwise tampered with by a hot, expanding rubber section. We also heat wrap this fully stainless braided line in order to keep the fluid inside as cool as possible.

This line is easy to install and does not require transmission removal. Just remove your stock line, install ours and put a fresh bleed on your system; all of which can be done in less than an hour. With this line installed, your hydraulic system will work as efficiently as the stock master cylinder will allow.