JRE Scoop and RotoFab Washer Package for Gen 5 (2010-2015) Chevrolet Camaro SS

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This kit includes a JRE Race Scoop as well as the Roto-fab washer bottle kit This is a complete relocation kit including all hardware, hoses, in-line filter, remote pump mounting bracket and detailed instructions. The resrevoir is custom molded to fit your Camaro perfectly. For mounting, it utilizes the vacant stud along with an unused hole lower on the body. The tank has molded-in threads for the supplied internally vented cap as well as a molded-in brass insert for the outlet fitting to engage. We supply a rubber cushion mounting bracket with a stainless steel bolt which mounts the factory pump to one of threaded holes previously used to mount the stock reservoir. This location allows use of the original wiring without lengthening or modifying. The instructions assume you are installing an JRE scoop.